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Facebook SDK and Ads Account Integration with eStore2app Shopify Mobile App

NOTE:  Facebook SKD & Ads integration feature is paid basis on eStore2app. You need to contact the eStore2app support team. We are supporting Facebook Automatic Events only (App installs and launch).

Step 1: Set up your Facebook Business Manager and Facebook Ads Manager accounts using the below link.

Step 2: Facebook Ad Account ID Creation

Step 3: Steps to Create An App on Facebook and give us admin access to our developer’s FB account

  • Enter App Display Name and Contact email and click on Create App button

  • You will land on Dashboard

  • Select “Roles” from the left sidebar in the Dashboard of the newly created app.
  • Add App “Administrator” as “bhargav.anadkat

Once you provide us administrator role, other configurations will handle by our team. Our technical team will add Facebook SDK enabled with Ads ID in your app and submit the app to the respective marketplace as per your purchased subscription plan.