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How to enable Return Prime app in the eStore2app Shopify Mobile App

Return Prime is the most widely used Shopify app for returns and exchange categories. eStore2app Shopify mobile app builder is the app partner with Return Prime. We offer an option for your customers to integrate with the Return Prime app and extend the returns and exchange feature in the eStore2app mobile app. Your customers can directly file the return/ exchange from the comfort of their mobile app account.


  • “Return Prime: Order Returns app” Shopify app must install on the store.


The integration is available for all eStore2app’s customers.

Install and setup the Return Prime App in your Shopify Admin

Step 1: Go to “Return Prime: Order Returns app” Shopify app URL ““.

Step 2: Click on the “Add app” button.

Enable Return Prime in your eStore2app mobile app

Step 1: Go to eStore2app Mobile app builder Sales channel

Step 2: From the Dashboard, Go to Settings > Integration > Integration Settings > Tick and Enable “Return Prime: Order Returns app

Step 3: Click on the “Save” button to save the settings.

How to display the Return in the Mobile app

Customers can see the “Return” button on the order detail screen in the mobile app.

Step 1: Go to My Account > Order History.

Step 2: Tap on any specific order to open the order detail screen.

Step 3:Return” button will display when the order status is fulfilled.

Step 4: Tap on the “Return” button to initiate the return and exchange.